Take the weight of commute off you school

Make transportation one less thing to worry about for your kids. Questions? Ask the experts at +251960007700

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Kabba- Simplifying Kids Transport No School Buses? No Problem

Kabba is partnering with schools in Addis Ababa to enable a safe, community-based student carpool service that gives parents peace of mind. We vet drivers so that not just anyone can drive your kids. We then provide professional child carers for their wellbeing while our secured platform ensures only parents and approved guardians order Kabba for kids. With Kabba, you get:

                   Private carpool transport at 5birr/km    
                   Ultra-modern 4-6 seater vehicles         
                   Real-time pickup and dropoff notification
                   Recurring trips booked with convenience  
                   Quality care for kids of all ages.        

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25 percent off

Quality Yet Affordable

Affordable rates

With only 5birr/km, your kids can comfortably get to school and back.

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They’ll help strap on your kid’s seatbelts ensuring their safety and wellbeing from start to finish. We’re here to make transport simple for families/schools and safe for kids.

Transport + Childcare

We provide carers at destinations to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing.


Take that transport burden off your shoulders, and let's do the heavy lifting for you. We’re here for one thing only- to get kids to and from school safely.


Challenge us! Our vehicles are perfect, our drivers are phenomenal, and our carpool service for kids is the best in Addis Ababa.

A transit management platform that works for your company

Kabba kids dashboard where you can compare & book tickets, download reports, manage employees and set up centralised payment.

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Flexibility meets affordability!

  • 25% discount for business that pay and get onboarded during the promo period.

  • 1 free round trip or businesses that pay and get onboarded during the promo period.

  • Pay normal price to continue when you choose to continue with us in subsequent months.

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