We’re Here To Get You There

Whichever direction your kids are headed, Kabba is a service that rethinks what it means to provide transport and childcare for kids. Kabba means productivity, social change, a better transport system, and an innovative way to get up every day and thrive. Kabba is your best choice!

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Our Mission

At Kabba, we’re on a mission to build a better community. A productive community where opportunities are boundless, and everyone can learn, explore, grow, and achieve their dreams. We’re not just your regular transportation company; Kabba is truly a way of life

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Our Vision

At Kabba, we celebrate hard-working parents and dream-chasing kids who strive to make a difference while living their best lives every day. We’ve made it our job to make life easier with an organized and technologically-driven kids carpool service. Beyond transport, we’re working hard to make an impact in every sector, with the aim of achieving our vision of a greater and more prosperous nation.

Community Driven

Kabba is a community-driven platform, inspiring social change, building a better society, and connecting people through our carpool service.

Created With You In Mind

We’re committed to helping parents reduce transportation stress, ensure safety for young ones and create opportunities for new friendships among children.

Highest Value

We don't just offer affordable rates; we make sure you get 5X more value for every Birr you spend on transport.